Parent Recognitions

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Many researches confirm that parents’ involvement in their children’s education can be one of the biggest predictors of student success. Parents are encouraged to increase their interaction and discussion with their children and to also be more responsive and sensitive to their children’s social, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs. With parents’ involvement, they will have a better understanding of the adviser’s job and the importance of CYSP program. This year, CYSP program has “plus” categories with parent involvement; Bronze Plus, … Continue reading “Parent Recognitions”

Community Service

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Community Service This requirement allows students to participate in activities that enable the student to “give back” to their community. All CYSP students should earn community service hours throughout the year.  Community service hours can be earned at school or an outside organization. Examples: Volunteer at a church, community center, or youth organization (tutoring, or events and programs) Students can earn community service hours at school events Help in various community relief events, (e. g., volunteering at a nursing home, … Continue reading “Community Service”

Peer Tutoring

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Peer Tutoring Scholars who peer-tutor should complete this task at school. CYSP advisers should help their scholars set up peer tutoring sessions with younger grades. Each session must be 45 minutes to an hour in length. Examples: Tutor students in younger grades or peers at the teacher’s discretion. Tutor peers in robotics, technology, P.E., or any other subjects offered at the school. Logbook Entry: Advisers will enter peer tutoring information in students’ logbook as “Peer Tutoring”. Scholars must make sure … Continue reading “Peer Tutoring”

College Trip

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College Trip All students in grades 7 to 12 should visit colleges throughout the year. These trips are organized by college guidance counselors. Advisers can organize a college visit to complete scholar’s requirement as long as it is coordinated with the college guidance counselor. College visits sponsored by school are the only trips that will count for this category. Examples: Visit a local college with group of students during a school trip Visit a college with CYSP group and adviser … Continue reading “College Trip”


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  Character education is a teaching method which fosters the development of ethical and responsible individuals by teaching them about the good values that people should have. It teaches the students the values of caring about other people, honesty, responsibility, and other important traits that make for an upstanding young adult. We will provide basic character education lessons and a task list for advisers. Advisers should discuss provided character education topics with their scholars and assign them proper tasks to … Continue reading “CHARACTER EDUCATION”


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  Physical Fitness CYSP students are expected to focus on completing the physical fitness requirements.  Students should complete physical fitness hours at home or with CYSP group.  After school sports practice is not included in this category. Physical education class does not count toward CYSP physical fitness hours. Examples: Exercising, biking, jogging, swimming, etc. Advisers can schedule time for scholars to have a group workout session together. CYSP groups can play soccer, basketball etc. in school or out of school. … Continue reading “PHYSICAL FITNESS”