The MISSION of the Concept Young Scholars Program (CYSP) is to improve the students’ academic success, prepare them for college, develop strong character, nurture and empower students through Personal Development, Community Service, Physical Activities and Educational Adventures.

We ENVISION that CYSP’s structure and devoted, nurturing community build self-motivated, eager learners who are prepared for the future and ready to lead a successful life. 

Program Overview

Students who commit to the CYSP program will be engaged in a systematic process that guides, recognizes, and rewards their progress. The program encourages activities such as academic competitions, college trips, and excursions. 

Once students successfully register for the CYSP program, they will be asked to select an advisor. If the selected advisor is unavailable, students (will call scholars) will be assigned to other advisors by the school CYSP coordinator. advisors will assist in planning activities, monitoring progress, and setting goals in the following areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Community Service
  • Physical Fitness 
  • Educational Adventure 

Portrait of CYSP Scholars

CYSP scholars are the future leaders who build relationships and understand the importance of serving others in order to inspire action and accomplishment.

• Take ownership of their learning
• Have a deep sense of respect for societal norms
• Take responsibility for their actions
• Engage within their communities
• Demonstrate empathy and compassion
• Effectively communicate verbally and nonverbally
• Adapt and persist when challenged