Community Service


Community Service

This requirement allows students to participate in activities that enable the student to “give back” to their community. All CYSP students should earn community service hours throughout the year.  Community service hours can be earned at school or an outside organization.


  • Volunteer at a church, community center, or youth organization (tutoring, or events and programs)
  • Students can earn community service hours at school events
  • Help in various community relief events, (e. g., volunteering at a nursing home, fundraising for a natural disaster, food bank activity, helping at a homeless shelter, clean-up activities)
  • A CYSP whole group community service event is highly encouraged.

Logbook Entry:

  • Advisers will enter community service information in students’ logbook as “Community Service”.
  • Scholars should be responsible to get their volunteer hours signed by supervisors.
  • Scholars should show proper verification to advisers if it is done outside.