Weekend School

The program requires weekend school for the 5th to 11th grades. Silver candidates must attend eight days and Gold candidates must attend twelve days. Weekend school is optional for bronze level students, but those students are more than welcome to attend. Weekend school can be organized by the school coordinator for the CYSP program or it can be organized by individual advisers. Weekend school should be 2 hours long in the middle school level and 3 hours long in the high school level. If scholars attend weekend schools at an outside organization/program, scholars must show proper verification.


  • Saturday school organized by the school coordinator.
  • Advance study course organized by an outside institution during weekends.
  • Advance study course provided by individual advisers during weekends.
  • Weekend Robotics, Science Fair or Language Contest prep in a group with teacher.

Logbook Entry:

  • The designated staff member for the school organized weekend school will enter weekend school information in students’ logbook as “Weekend School”.
  • If weekend school is provided by individual advisers/teachers, then advisers/teachers will be responsible to enter weekend school information in students’ logbook.
  • Advisers and scholars must make sure to contact the designated staff member to make sure logbook is constantly updated.