IMSA West CYSP students did a great job serving their families an enjoyable Italian dinner on March 7th. We had 30 students help plan, set up, decorate, serve, and clean up for the dinner of approximately 100 family members, advisors, and guests. Then each student took a turn telling the group what they appreciated about the CYSP program, how it has helped them, and what activities they have enjoyed the most so far.​

Noble Academy Columbus CYSP team went to Columbus International Festival

“In just a little more than an hour their passports were filled with stamps from countries around the globe.

The four boys from the Noble Academy Columbus charter school learned how to write their names in Japanese. They watched children from India perform a dance to honor their heritage. They  discovered the smell of Jamaican curried goat. They now know that n Poland the word for peace is “pokoj.” And on their journey around the Columbus International Festival, the elementary school-aged boys added to the melting pot of different cultures. Bedri is Japanese and Turkish. Mohammed and halid are Somalian. Jimmy is Vietnamese. “Getting to know  each other has never been more important,” said Emre Ozyurek, a math teacher at Noble. “And we think being introduced to different cultures is one of the best ways to do that.”

HSA Cincinnati CYSP StudentsParticipated US Stem Fest
Saturday our CYSP students participated UC STEM Fest to present their science demonstrations. They had a great time while explaining their projects.
In addition, It was a nice experience to improve presentation skills.
 Here are the students presented demonstrations:
– Eva’n Young
– Darnae’ Simmons
– Jessy Jeter
– Amir Whigham