Noble Academy Columbus CYSP team went to Columbus International Festival

“In just a little more than an hour their passports were filled with stamps from countries around the globe.

The four boys from the Noble Academy Columbus charter school learned how to write their names in Japanese. They watched children from India perform a dance to honor their heritage. They  discovered the smell of Jamaican curried goat. They now know that n Poland the word for peace is “pokoj.” And on their journey around the Columbus International Festival, the elementary school-aged boys added to the melting pot of different cultures. Bedri is Japanese and Turkish. Mohammed and halid are Somalian. Jimmy is Vietnamese. “Getting to know  each other has never been more important,” said Emre Ozyurek, a math teacher at Noble. “And we think being introduced to different cultures is one of the best ways to do that.”

Noble Columbus is at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon

On Sunday, October 16th, sixteen CYSP scholars arose well before the sun. Despite the dark of the dawn hours, the students’ enthusiasm shone brightly as they set out to volunteer at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon. Armed with brooms, rakes, flashlights, and a positive attitude, the CYSP crew journeyed to Water Station #11, just past the 15 mile marker of the marathon. While there, our scholars passed out water to thirsty runners, and cleaned up discarded water cups to keep the race route clear from debris and safe for the athletes. Our student volunteers cheered on the runners, and were happy to receive the thanks of many runners along the route, who declared that volunteers like our CYSP scholars were what made the race possible!


Weekend School

The program requires weekend school for the 5th to 11th grades. Silver candidates must attend eight days and Gold candidates must attend twelve days. Weekend school is optional for bronze level students, but those students are more than welcome to attend. Weekend school can be organized by the school coordinator for the CYSP program or it can be organized by individual advisers. Weekend school should be 2 hours long in the middle school level and 3 hours long in the high school level. If scholars attend weekend schools at an outside organization/program, scholars must show proper verification.


  • Saturday school organized by the school coordinator.
  • Advance study course organized by an outside institution during weekends.
  • Advance study course provided by individual advisers during weekends.
  • Weekend Robotics, Science Fair or Language Contest prep in a group with teacher.

Logbook Entry:

  • The designated staff member for the school organized weekend school will enter weekend school information in students’ logbook as “Weekend School”.
  • If weekend school is provided by individual advisers/teachers, then advisers/teachers will be responsible to enter weekend school information in students’ logbook.
  • Advisers and scholars must make sure to contact the designated staff member to make sure logbook is constantly updated.
Community Service


Community Service

This requirement allows students to participate in activities that enable the student to “give back” to their community. All CYSP students should earn community service hours throughout the year.  Community service hours can be earned at school or an outside organization.


  • Volunteer at a church, community center, or youth organization (tutoring, or events and programs)
  • Students can earn community service hours at school events
  • Help in various community relief events, (e. g., volunteering at a nursing home, fundraising for a natural disaster, food bank activity, helping at a homeless shelter, clean-up activities)
  • A CYSP whole group community service event is highly encouraged.

Logbook Entry:

  • Advisers will enter community service information in students’ logbook as “Community Service”.
  • Scholars should be responsible to get their volunteer hours signed by supervisors.
  • Scholars should show proper verification to advisers if it is done outside.
Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring

Scholars who peer-tutor should complete this task at school. CYSP advisers should help their scholars set up peer tutoring sessions with younger grades. Each session must be 45 minutes to an hour in length.


  • Tutor students in younger grades or peers at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Tutor peers in robotics, technology, P.E., or any other subjects offered at the school.

Logbook Entry:

  • Advisers will enter peer tutoring information in students’ logbook as “Peer Tutoring”.
  • Scholars must make sure to keep advisers updated with sign-in sheet.