IMSA West CYSP students did a great job serving their families an enjoyable Italian dinner on March 7th. We had 30 students help plan, set up, decorate, serve, and clean up for the dinner of approximately 100 family members, advisors, and guests. Then each student took a turn telling the group what they appreciated about the CYSP program, how it has helped them, and what activities they have enjoyed the most so far.​

HSA Cincinnati CYSP StudentsParticipated US Stem Fest
Saturday our CYSP students participated UC STEM Fest to present their science demonstrations. They had a great time while explaining their projects.
In addition, It was a nice experience to improve presentation skills.
 Here are the students presented demonstrations:
– Eva’n Young
– Darnae’ Simmons
– Jessy Jeter
– Amir Whigham
Horizon Science Academy – Cleveland High School Awarded prestigious $10,000 MIT grant for class invention

Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School was recently awarded a Lemelson-MIT Inven-Team grant in the amount of $10,000 to create a device that lifts a kayak onto a standard car carrier.

Inven-Teams consist of high school students, teachers and mentors that receive grants up to $10,000 to invent technological solutions to real world problems.

Horizon Science Academy is one of 15 high schools nationwide, and the only Ohio school, to receive this coveted MIT grant.

Scott Girard, Science teacher at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School began the Inven-Team application process and attended training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to help prepare the final grant proposal.

The idea for the lift occurred when students were studying Lake Erie water quality and they helped a disabled veteran having trouble putting his kayak onto his car. He injured his arm in Desert Storm, which made getting his equipment onto his vehicle more difficult. Horizon students wanted to enable people with physical disabilities to continue enjoying the outdoors.

Girard said. “We’re hoping this helps a lot of people with physical challenges to continue their favorite activities and make their lives a bit easier.”

Horizon Science Academy principal Mr. Gurbuz said, “This is a perfect example of how science and mathematics are put into real life. Our students are already helping their community with what they learned in the classroom. I cannot wait to see what they will accomplish in the future.”

Students on the team are also part of the Concept Youth Scholars Program (CYSP), as well as the Scientific Research and Design class. CYSP is a program designed to focus on academics, a healthy lifestyle, building confidence, volunteerism, exploration and activities designed to help students make the most of their educational experience.

The CYSP (Concept Young Scholars Program) took 42 students and 10 adults to Kiser Lake, OH for a weekend camp on October 7-9. Students and Staff reported have a fabulous time (even though the nights were a bit cold and the showers or beds weren’t quite like at home!) A highlight of the trip was the time each group was able to spend on the lake in rowboats. Most students took a turn at rowing and everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery on such a wonderful fall day. Besides the outdoor activities such as fishing and sports, students participated in a STEM activity from the science teachers as they built boats out of aluminum foil and popsicle sticks and then we took them to the pond to test them for buoyancy. Some students participated in a leaf ID hike and made a book of their findings. Everyone was great at helping with cooking and cleanup. Overall, everyone had a great time and enjoyed each other’s company as well as the beautiful outdoors! We are looking forward to the next trip already!

Parent Recognitions

Many researches confirm that parents’ involvement in their children’s education can be one of the biggest predictors of student success. Parents are encouraged to increase their interaction and discussion with their children and to also be more responsive and sensitive to their children’s social, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs. With parents’ involvement, they will have a better understanding of the adviser’s job and the importance of CYSP program.

This year, CYSP program has “plus” categories with parent involvement; Bronze Plus, Silver Plus and Gold Plus. The Plus categories are added to encourage parent involvement and participation in school activities and their scholars’ events. This component is not mandatory to achieve any of the three medals but will earn special recognition for the scholars that meet the requirements of this component. All 5th to 12th grade parents or legal guardians are welcome to join the CYSP program. We encourage CYSP parents to participate in a variety of in-school and out of school activities with their children.

Concept schools will recognize the parents who participate in the CYSP activities with their children based on the chart below. Also, scholars will earn the plus recognition and extra prizes if their parents are recognized.




College Trip


College Trip

All students in grades 7 to 12 should visit colleges throughout the year. These trips are organized by college guidance counselors. Advisers can organize a college visit to complete scholar’s requirement as long as it is coordinated with the college guidance counselor. College visits sponsored by school are the only trips that will count for this category.


  • Visit a local college with group of students during a school trip
  • Visit a college with CYSP group and adviser



Logbook Entry:

  • Advisers can enter college trip information in students’ logbook as “College Trip (In Town)” or “College Trip (Out of Town)”
  • Advisers will be responsible to enter data in logbook if they take group to a college trip.
  • College guidance counselor will enter college trip information into logbook, if this is organized by college counselor.