CYSP  has initiated an exciting partnership with Future Institute to build a college scholarship fund for Senior CYSP scholars. CYSP Bonus activities are designed for participating scholars to improve their leadership skills and plan for college success. The program starts in 12th grade and requires CYSP scholars to commit to enrolling in the Future Fund Program (FFP) over the course of their college degree or career program pursuit.

Scholars who are committed to completing program requirements will receive a scholarship fund of $2,000 per year upon successful completion of the Future Fund Program (FFP) requirements after high school. 

Senior CYSP Scholars can participate Future Fund Program by engaging in Bonus Activity 1 and 2.

Future Fund Program

Bonus Activity 1 for Seniors

  • Registration to Future Fund Program  (FFP)

For more information visit the website: http://www.futureinstitute.us/future-fund/

  • Attending Quarterly (4 times/year) online Junior Mentor Meetings

(100 points)
The entry to Log: 

Scholars enter their Bonus Activity  information in their Concept SIS student account under CYSP tab as  “Bonus Activity 1”. 

Bonus Activity 2 for Seniors

  • Attending 2 Future Institute College & Career Workshops (online)
  • Participating at the Future Institute End-of-Year Evaluation Interview     (100 points)

The entry to Log: 

Scholars enter their Bonus Activity  information in their Concept SIS student account under CYSP tab as  “Bonus Activity 2”. 

* Bonus activities are subject to revision as per  the sources available per educational year.


Registration to Future Fund Program 

Register for the Future Fund Program:

Please register using the link and instructions here:


Junior Mentor Meeting

Scholars will be paired with junior mentors who are Concept graduates currently enrolled in college. One junior mentor will be paired with each scholar. Scholars will meet with their respective junior mentors four times for an hour each meeting throughout the school year on the My Future portal, an online platform for virtual meetings. Future Institute staff will pair scholars with a mentor. Then, scholars will be responsible for contacting their assigned junior mentor on the MyFuture portal to schedule the first video conference and all meetings for their mentorship.

College & Career Workshops

Scholars must attend these workshops at least twice per year either through online webinars or in-person at the school, if available. A schedule will be provided to CYSP advisors. Scholars must schedule to attend each workshop through the MyFuture Portal consultations feature.

Future Institute End-of-year Evaluation Interview

Future Institute staff will schedule a date and time for scholars’ interviews before graduation. Scholars will be interviewed by Future Institute program directors before CYSP deadline to evaluate their program participation and develop a post-high school action plan. During the interview, scholars will be asked to complete the prerequisites to continue in the program after graduation.