CYSP For Seniors 

Future Legacies

CYSP  has initiated an exciting partnership with Future Institute to build a college scholarship fund for Senior CYSP scholars. CYSP Gold Seniors students have an opportunity to build skills and plan for college success. The program starts in 12th grade  and requires CYSP scholars to commit to enrolling in the Future Legacies over the course of their college degree or career program pursuit.

Scholars who have completed GOLD requirements in their senior year will qualify a scholarship fund of up to $2,000 per year of continuous college/university or career program enrollment with FLI (Future Institutes’ college program) participation. Please note that this financial assistance is given by Future Institute, not CYSP.

Please feel free to contact the Program Officer to get more information about Future Legacies.

Iara Kirchner   

  • No bonus activities for seniors.

Future Legacies Program Information for Students


Registration Process: 

  1. Sign up for CYSP as a Gold Level Scholar
  2. Complete the Future Legacies Application Form by October 1, 2021
  3. Complete the Initial Student Survey that will be emailed by the Program Officer upon program acceptance



  • Communicate in an effective and timely manner
  • Check personal email regularly and respond, if necessary (add your email accounts on your phone.
  • Read through emails and monthly newsletters
  • Complete ALL surveys/requests that are sent, including the End of Year Form
  • Respond to email/texts from your mentor
  • Pay attention to Program Officer messages sent via Remind
  • Commit to 7 credit hours minimum in the following program areas on top of the other 25 hours for CYSP Gold Level by May 6, 2021:
  • 3 Junior Mentor Meetings/Consultations (1 credit hour each)
  • You will be paired with a Concept graduate with similar career interests
  • You will receive an email titled: “Future Legacies: Junior Mentor Pairing!”
  • Mentor meetings will be scheduled between the mentor and mentee via email/text
  • Meetings can take place via phone call, video call (Facetime, Google Meets, Zoom, etc), or in person (if possible)
  • Meetings should be a minimum of 30 minutes in length
  • To receive credit, you must complete a Junior Mentorship Meeting Log for each meeting.
  • You must also complete this log if the mentor does not show up to your scheduled meeting.
  • Proof in the form of a screenshot or selfie will need to be attached to logs for completed meetings. Make sure screenshots include contact of your mentor (name and phone number) and the duration of your call whether it is video or audio only.
  • 2 College & Career Workshops (1 credit hour each)
  • Workshops will take place over Zoom video conferencing
  • Workshop topics and times will be determined based on participant responses on the initial student survey
  • Workshops will be around 45 minutes in length
  • Students must complete a feedback survey for each workshop to get credit for attending
  • Students have one week after each workshop to complete the feedback surveys that will be sent to them via email right after each workshop they attend
  • 2 Progress Meetings (1 credit hour each)
  • Progress meetings will take place over Zoom video conferencing
  • The first progress meeting will be between Thanksgiving break and Winter Break and the second meeting will be between late March and early April
  • The students will pick a 15-minute time slot via Calendly to meet with the program officer


If you complete all of your CYSP requirements by the set deadlines, including Future Legacies, you will receive the following benefits:

Acquire college, career, and life skills to be a successful adult and professional

Certificate of Completion

Qualify for Future Institute’s FLI (Future Leaders Initiative) program which offers up to $2,000 of financial assistance per year of continuous college/university or career program enrollment and FLI participation

In order to join FLI, the student must complete a few FLI Summer Bridge requirements during the summer after their high school senior year which include:

Complete FLI Program entrance survey

1 mentor meeting with their Future Legacies mentor

1 college & career workshop

1 FLI Program Orientation


If you are dropped from the program and you feel it is unfair, please follow these steps:

Submit a written explanation to the Executive Director, Cengiz Karatas ( with proof.

The Administration will review the appeal and take any necessary actions. You will hear back within 48 hours. All appeals are subject to the Administration’s decision.

We encourage you to check your CSYP report card on ConceptSIS as much as possible. Your Future Legacies progress will appear there along with your other CYSP requirements. Contact the Program Officer if you have any questions. 

Program Officer, iara kirchner

Gold Senior Required Activities

Future Legacies Registration and Tutorial

  • Register for the Future Legacies Program.

Please register using the link and instructions here. For more information visit the website:

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters Future Legacies Registration and Tutorial information in the Concept SIS student account under  “Future Legacies Registration and Tutorial”. 

Future Legacies Progress Meeting

  • Participating Future Legacies Progress Meeting

The Future Legacies Program Officer will schedule a meeting with participants at the end of each semester. During these meetings, the Program Officer will evaluate the students’ program participation, answer any questions, and provide program feedback.

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters Future Legacies Progress Meeting information in the Concept SIS student account under  “Future Legacies Progress Meeting”. 

College and Career Workshop and Survey

  • Attending 2 Future Institute College & Career Workshops (online)

Scholars must attend these workshops at least twice per year either through online webinars or in-person at the school, if available. A schedule will be provided to CYSP advisors. Scholars must schedule to attend each workshop through the MyFuture Portal consultations feature.

Online workshops will take place over Zoom. You must attend two workshops and complete a feedback form after each workshop to complete the requirements. Topics and times to be determined based on the initial student survey.

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters scholars’ College and Career Workshop and Survey  information in their Concept SIS student account under  “College and Career Workshop and Survey”. 

Junior Mentor Meeting

  • Participating Junior Mentor Meeting

Scholars will be paired with junior mentors who are Concept graduates currently enrolled in college. One junior mentor will be paired with each scholar. Scholars will meet with their respective junior mentors four times for an hour each meeting throughout the school year on the My Future portal, an online platform for virtual meetings. Future Institute staff will pair scholars with a mentor. Then, scholars will be responsible for contacting their assigned junior mentor on the MyFuture portal to schedule the first video conference and all meetings for their mentorship.

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters scholars’ Junior Mentor Meeting information in their Concept SIS student account under  “Junior Mentor Meeting”.