CYSP Virtual Process During Pandemic

Progress Monitoring

Students are now given the option of fulfilling requirements of CYSP online. Different platforms can be used to communicate between scholars and their advisors.

Scholars and their advisors can meet over online platforms to do Progress Monitoring Meeting such as Google classroom, Google meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, facetime, phone call and etc. 

Only advisors enter their scholars’  progress monitoring meetings and log in their Concept SIS under “Progress Monitoring”.

Participating In Extra-Curricular Activities

Participating In Extra-Curricular Activities can be completed through virtual certificate programs, such as the ones in Udemy and Edx, or any other certificate program. It has to be a certificate program, but obtaining a certificate is not a requirement. 

Examples of online certificate program areas may include Computer, Coding, Science, Math, Leadership, Productivity, Workshops.

Character Education

Students can complete Character Education requirements in a group discussion with their advisor on virtual platforms including Youtube, Zoom, Google meet, Google Classroom etc. The group must consist of at least three participants.

Weekend  enrichment program

Weekend Enrichment Program could be virtually organized/led by a school staff member.

Standardized  Test Preparation

During the Pandemic, only online test prep programs (Khan Academy, Measuring up, Study Island, IXL, Alex,  etc.) will be counted. However, online/in person tutoring will not be accepted. 

Community Service

Students are able to provide community service with the help of virtual and socially distanced activities such as; 

online tutoring, 

knitting blankets or hats for hospital patients,

writing letters to those serving in the armed forces abroad, 

children in medical isolation, or people under quarantine, 

delivering supplies to the elderly or home-bound, 

packaging supplies for students who need meals provided by their schools, 

helping with public online schools.

Cultural Exposure 

Cultural Exposure activities can be completed on virtual platforms by using Youtube, Zoom, Google meet, etc., with their advisor. Virtual Cultural Exposure activities should be prepared/organized by an advisor. Students have to complete the Cultural Exposure Reflection form.

Cultural Exposure Reflection Form:

What did I observe about the culture I was exposed to?

What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made while working on this cultural experience?

How will I use what I’ve learned in the future?

Virtual Educational Trip 

Advisors can arrange Virtual Educational Trips on virtual platforms such as Youtube, Zoom, Google meet, etc. Such a trip has to be carried out under the guidance of the advisor. Students have to complete a Virtual Educational Trip Reflection form.

Virtual Educational Trip Reflection Form


How has the trip helped you learn about the world?

What did you like most about this activity, and why?

I learned so many things; I learned …

Virtual College & University Visits

Similar to the educational trip, The advisor or college counselor would plan Virtual College and University visits by using the platforms such as Youtube, Zoom, Google meet, etc. 

Bonus Activity 1 

Students can receive bonus points by virtually attending a regional, national or international, and concept schools competition. (Robotics, science fairs, math and technology competitions, Concept Schools competitions)

Bonus Activity 2

Students will be honored with bonus points for enrolling in the Congressional Award and getting at least a bronze certificate. For more information visit the website:

If you want to see Congressional Award Virtual Options as an example please follow the link.

Future Legacies

CYSP  has initiated an exciting partnership with Future Institute  to build a college scholarship fund for Senior CYSP scholars. CYSP Gold Seniors students have an opportunity to improve their leadership skills and plan for college success. The program starts in 12th grade  and requires CYSP scholars to commit to enrolling in the Future Legacies over the course of their college degree or career program pursuit.

CYSP For Seniors 

Scholars who are committed to completing GOLD requirements will receive a scholarship fund of $2,000 per year upon successful completion of the Future Legacies requirements after high school. 

Please feel free to contact her to get more information about the Future Legacies.

Iara Arai Aldape   

  • No bonus activities for seniors.

Gold Senior Required Activities

Future Legacies Registration and Tutorial

  • Register for the Future Legacies Program.

Please register using the link and instructions here. For more information visit the website:

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters Future Legacies Registration and Tutorial information in the Concept SIS student account under  “Future Legacies Registration and Tutorial”. 

Future Legacies Progress Meeting

  • Participating Future Legacies Progress Meeting

The Future Legacies Program Officer will schedule a meeting with participants at the end of each semester. During these meetings, the Program Officer will evaluate the students’ program participation, answer any questions, and provide program feedback.

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters Future Legacies Progress Meeting information in the Concept SIS student account under  “Future Legacies Progress Meeting”. 

College and Career Workshop and Survey

  • Attending 2 Future Institute College & Career Workshops (online)

Scholars must attend these workshops at least twice per year either through online webinars or in-person at the school, if available. A schedule will be provided to CYSP advisors. Scholars must schedule to attend each workshop through the MyFuture Portal consultations feature.

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters scholars’ College and Career Workshop and Survey  information in their Concept SIS student account under  “College and Career Workshop and Survey”. 

Junior Mentor Meeting

  • Participating Junior Mentor Meeting

Scholars will be paired with junior mentors who are Concept graduates currently enrolled in college. One junior mentor will be paired with each scholar. Scholars will meet with their respective junior mentors four times for an hour each meeting throughout the school year on the My Future portal, an online platform for virtual meetings. Future Institute staff will pair scholars with a mentor. Then, scholars will be responsible for contacting their assigned junior mentor on the MyFuture portal to schedule the first video conference and all meetings for their mentorship.

The entry to Log: 

Future Legacies program officer enters scholars’ Junior Mentor Meeting information in their Concept SIS student account under  “Junior Mentor Meeting”. 

CYSP Plus Categories “Parent Engagement”

During the Pandemic, Parents have an option of completing “Parent Engagement” virtually.  The following will be counted as “Parent Engagement”. 

  • To participate in Virtual CYSP activities with an advisor such as Progress Monitoring, Virtual Educational Trips, Cultural Exposure,  etc.